Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get a better experience from your makeup artist!

Hey beauty dolls!

So you want to hire a makeup artist (me!) for a special event. I think we all may have had an 'off' experience at a department store counter. The most I would try for was lipstick and they could never get it right!
My first advice is to have a trial if possible. Now you can't expect perfect results with this. I know with me I like to just get the makeup on the girl so she can wear it for a while and try it out. It usually always ends up being out of her comfort zone, but being able to walk in it all day and see it in pictures with out pressure is the key. You may decide you need less or lighter or heck you may see a picture and say "I need more!"
Now the second and BEST advice! Communication is KEY! Ever heard of a smokey eye? Well there are probably 101 ways to do a smokey eye. My preference for a smokey eye for you and your idea of a smokey eye is guaranteed to be different! So what do you do? Bring pictures!!!
Bring a few! Sounds so simple but ladies rarely do. I always get "just do whatever you think looks good on me." Then when we're done, "Oh, I don't like the eyeliner like that. or I don't like that color of blush." Knowing some of these things before hand will get us closer to your perfect look! And pictures can help you relay that to the artist. It could be a picture that you like that simple eye, or you like that lip color. You don't need to find a picture that has it all (although if you do, great!). Pictures are the communication that translate an idea from your mind to mine.

All makeup artists want the client to get the most from her experience. It never matters if we love your makeup, it's how you feel. We want you to FEEL beautiful!

XO Kate :)

*p.s. got a makeup question? send me a comment!

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