Monday, July 27, 2009

New car I wish I had!

So every once in a while I will have a non-mom dream/wish, and here is my latest. Saw this car driving around then happened upon it in a magazine. It is the new 2010 E550 coupe by Mercedes. Yes a coupe meaning the most impractical car for a mother of 2 small children still in car seats! So as it will remain a little dream!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The most AMAZING skin care secret revealed!

I recently did the makeup for a wedding and one of the bridesmaids had the most amazing skin! I first had to ask how old she was and when she said 25 I almost didn't believe her! Nowadays the typical 25 year old is already showing visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles. She had soft, pure and still 'movable' skin! It really was like the skin of my 3 year old! So of course I had to ask her the secret and bless her she told me! She washes with a glycolic acid wash and uses a retinol cream. Although you should NOT use this if pregnant! Needless to say I went home and immediately got online to buy the strongest I could. I found Jan Marini bioglycolic facial cleasner and Replenix smoothing serum. The key is to gradually step up through the retinol cream so your skin can adjust. And always use an spf as this will make your skin slightly more sensitive to the sun. And that's when you come to me for your SAFE custom airbrush tan!

My first post!

Hey all! This is my first blog post! Sometimes I have things to say that just wont fit on twitter! Be prepared to hear about a lot of things from me! I'm a product junkie and love to share with everyone and anyone about a fabulous new product! And if you got a question just ask away! Thanks!!!