Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keeping my right brain happy!

In an effort to keep my right brain stimulated, I've finally enrolled in art classes! I always took art classes in high school but I guess I figured I wasn't good enough.
I found a great lady here in the Pittsburgh area while on the search for a color theory class to better enhance my makeup skills. After seeing her work of oil painting with knives, I became hooked! I thought hmmmm I could do that.
Now with all my kids being in school all morning I will have the free time. I've already taken a couple of her classes and this is what I've done at home. I am also working on a piece at her studio. I am however quickly running out of pictures to paint and am trying all manners to get the hubs to travel a bit more for some inspiration. Unfortunately I have no desire to paint anything from our up coming trip to Las Vegas.
Any recommendations?!

Winter vacation 18x24

My boys! <3 18x24

I did this for hubs at his work. It's there original metal plant. 20x24 oil with knives on aluminum panel.

I'm in a happy place right now!

xo Kate