Thursday, October 15, 2009

The homecoming look!

My niece had her homecoming dance this past weekend and as with all her special events, I am her hair and makeup girl! I love it! Not too mention I am always honored that she puts all her trust in me to make her beautiful! This year since she is a year older and a junior now I thought it was finally appropriate to really go glam with her! It was so much fun!

First a applied MAC phloof all over lid, brow bone, and in through corner. Next with a light hand I applied MAC pigment in full force violet. I then applied a heavier application of the pigment on the outer "V" of the eye and blended inward. I also swept this on the lower lashline. Then with a small angle brush I made a thick line with MAC gel liner in black (because of her hazel eyes!) on the upper lash line extending out and up. To finish I lined the lower waterline with a black kohl pencil. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara making sure to add a concentration on the outer lashes.

For the rest of the face we kept it prett
y neutral. I contoured all over to give her dimension. I then used a blend of MAC margin and cheek blush on the apples and lightly on her forehead and chin. Lips were MAC liner in subculture with lipstick in a blend of cherish, brave and faux.

Needless to say she loved it and the smile from ear to ear was all that was needed!

Love you Riss!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Work/Business meeting eye!

This is a bit more of an intense eye for work or a meeting. Your eye will have a bit more definition and be a bit more refined and presentable. However it will still maintain an appropriate daytime lightness!

For this I used the same eyeshadow and technique as the previous eye. MAC jest all over lid and down through inner corner. I used a blend of honesty and bronze (with more of a concentration with the bronze) in the crease and rounding out along the crease and throught the lower lash line. What is different is the liner. Using MAC #266 small angle brush I applied a blend of MAC creme liner in black and dark brown. Line the upper lash line making outer third thicker and extending out and up. Finish with curling lashes and applying 2 coats of Max Factor 2000 calorie extreme mascara in black.

XO Kate!

P.S. Just received some great pigments! Some creative eyes to come! Also I will be doing some Halloween ideas!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Basic everyday eye

This is my quick, basic everyday-school runs-working at home eye look! Some may question why I would even bother with makeup to sit in a car and never get out, then spend the day inside. Answer-because I'm sitting in a car, not going to get out, spending the day inside, not seeing anyone! I do it to keep myself feeling beautiful, feeling put together. I refuse to give up on myself just because I'm a mom who barely is seen! lol

I start with MAC eyeshadow in jest all over eyelid, brow and in through the corner to highlight. Then using a more dense tapered brush I apply a blend of MAC honesty and bronze through the outter crease and blending in, then rounding though the outer crease/corner and down along the lower lash line. Line the upper lash line with Chanel kohl crayon eyeliner in #62 ambre. Making sure to extend and wing the outer third. Curl lashes and apply Max Factor 2000 calorie extreme mascara in extreme blackout. To finish the face I like to use just a bronzer or shader for my cheeks then a nice easy pink lipgloss to pull it all together. Voila!

Super quick and easy!

XO Kate!

Work in progress!

Just a quick note to say I haven't forgot about my blog. Actually I'm working on putting together pics of different eyeshadow looks! They will range from nice everyday looks to more creative to recreating the latest looks shown on the runway and in fashion! I'm just hoping to inspire you to get a little creative and maybe share some new ideas!

XO Kate!