Friday, February 26, 2010

Oops! I forgot my....

Makeup brushes!!!!
Here I am on vacation and the first evening I go to start my beautifying ritual and I discover I have gone and forgot my makeup brushes! I mean what is a makeup artist suppose to do?! Well it was time to dig deep, very very deep into my bag of tricks.
So what did I have to work with? A makeup sponge and q-tips. Wow, yup that's it!

Here goes my new routine!

Moisturize then primer.
Apply concealer with finger tips.
Powder foundation with makeup brush. Blend well!
Using 1 side of the sponge, contour any needed areas.
Switch to another side to apply powder blush. (I was lucky I brought my cream blush also!)
*now this part takes a little more planning:
With q-tip start with your lightest color all over lid
Use other side for the brows if needed.
Then move onto your medium color (at this time you can use a fun accent color.)
Finish with that same side for the dark color to contour and define crease. (all 3 eyeshadows used with the 1 side of q-tip)
Apply any eyeliner and follow up by using other side of q-tip to blend the liner.
*The key to getting this to look its best under the conditions is to BLEND BLEND BLEND!!!!
Finish with any highlights using a fingertip.

And the final look!

This has really been a blessing in disguise as I have really needed to tap into some creativity and through that I have experimented more with my own eyes! Something I usually save for the people I'm working on...not usually myself!

Hope this helps you should you find yourself in a similar situation!

XO Kate

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's get this color started!

With all this drab weather and mountains of snow hanging around here in Pittsburgh I needed a little color in my life! Well on my eyes anyway!
Eyeshadow is always fun to experiment with, especially with the thousand of colors out there! I wanted to share an easy, beginner way to add some fun color to your eyes.

First apply a light neutral shade all over lid and brow bone like MAC Shroom.
Next apply Aquadisiac all over lid, inner corner and then with #266 angle brush, sweep the same color through the bottom lash line.
I then swept MAC eyeshadow in bronze on the outer corner to contour the eye.
Apply your black or black-brown eyeliner on the outer lashline and through the bottom waterline.
Finish off with 2 coats of a great mascara and just feel your mood lift!

XO Kate