Friday, September 25, 2009

Couple new powder faves!

I received a new powder this week to try out and its called "mineralize skinfinish" by MAC. Its a powder foundation that is baked and provides a silky coverage to look more natural. Well lets just say the description didn't lie! It's amazing! I first used their prep+prime to prime my skin and add spf. Then I brushed this on with my powder brush and voila! The primer keeps my natural oiliness at bay and the powder covers well but still looks so natural! I had just a nice glow! Of course cover any spots or redness you may have with a concealer then apply the powder. I love that because you use a brush to apply this you don't have to worry about blending like you normally do with a creamy or liquid foundation.

Now if you are just one of those people who must have a 'foundation' then I have a product that is also a great addition. I keep this in my kit at all times! Its MAC set powder in invisible. Apply after your creamy or liquid foundation to set it. Again just brush on with a powder brush to avoid any streaks. The invisible is great since it will match all skin tones.

And one last note, try not to powder constantly throughout the day as by the time your heading out and off to dinner or a date you will look like you have on a gallon of makeup! Its best to blot whenever you feel the urge to powder. You can use either blot papers or single ply of tissue or heck even some toilet paper if you must! Trust me I've used them all!

xo K!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary my Love!

(sorry couldn't figure out how to rotate!)

While this post is for my husband I want to share my love with everyone!

Happy Anniversary to my Love. My love of 9 years and husband of 6. Thank you for my 2 babies. They continue to test us everyday! But we both know how blessed we are to finally have them in our lives.
I knew you were in for the long haul after only 6 months you agreed to adopt pumpkin with me! Now we have 2 cats...and I know how much you love me for that!(pause while you roll your eyes and yell at fudge for eating my flowers! lmao!)

The boys and I are truly grateful for the hard work and dedication you have to provide a stable and comfortable life and home for us.

And while everyday will always be a 'work in progress', it is the best job that God could have blessed me with.

Lots of Love

Your Wife xoxo

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh Chanel!

Me and the Hubs after dinner at the MGM Grand Hotel. And in my brand new, first ever Hermes scarf!

I recently took a little vacation to Las Vegas! While my husband and friends go to gamble, I go to shop! This time we stayed at the Bellagio which is home to some fabulous stores like Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Gucci, etc... Being a lover of all things Chanel, I was in heaven! Since booking the trip back in January I have been saving to be able to buy some wonderful things at my second home!

I was also thrilled when I walked in and saw that Stephanie was still working there. She has been the wonderful lady that has assisted me there in the past. And this time she was just as wonderful and went that extra mile to fulfill all my wishes I had (well minus the more $$ for more things! lol). I went there knowing I wanted to get a tan/beige colored purse and then a few little things. After narrowing my bag options down to 4, I was stuck. She was able to guide me down to 2. After that I had to step away and look at other things and weigh my bag options. The problem was that both bags had gold hardware and I just couldn't do the gold. Well she snuck away and discovered that the 1 bag actually came in silver! However there was only 1 left in the entire country! After making a quick phone call she came back to tell me that the other store did have it and it was just put on display so it was in perfect condition! Well that was my sign!!!! I bought it and it was shipped to my home from the store in Florida. It actually arrived at my house before I returned home!

And I did leave the Vegas store with new sunglasses, and a great little cocktail ring! I needed to show it all in my picture!

XO Kate!